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Submit a proposal

Grant Application Window now open!!!

Submit your proposals to:

We accept requests for funding from registered NGOs. Please keep the following guidelines in mind while writing your proposal to ensure a higher chance of funding.



  • We DO NOT provide long-term funding. 

  • We only fund self-sustaining or lasting-impact projects with a maximum timeline of one year. 

  • Our budget is limited to 2000 USD per project. 

  • We do not guarantee funding of an organization and/or proposal based on whether it was funded the year before. 

  • We reserve the right to reject a proposal deemed false or suspicious. 

  • Be elaborate while answering all the questions.

  • Include a detailed budget and a justification statement.

  • Send your proposal in the described format. (Download: Project Proposal Form)

  • Send completed proposal requests to:

  • We prefer proposals in electronic format. So, please do not send proposals by post or courier unless it is absolutely impossible to send them through an email.

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